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Dubai: Remote work will continue even after coronavirus for some federal and ministry employees, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAGHR) said on Sunday.

According to a circular issued by the authority, the remote work system will be implemented on a permanent basis in parallel with ordinary jobs even after the expiry of precautionary measures taken to regulate government work due to coronavirus.

The distance work system will cover Emirati employees who are working in ministries and federal entities, and those who will be appointed later in the future, the FAGHR said in the circular.

Remote jobs shall be determined by the federal entity itself in coordination with FAGHR and in accordance with the criteria set forth in the (remote work) system. It will also be decided according to human resources and online systems procedures adopted in the concerned federal government.

The authority called upon all ministries and federal bodies to review the system’s criteria for determining suitable jobs to be included in the remote work system, as well as the mechanism of selecting employees for that particular job.

Federal entities should subsequently provide the authority with details about such jobs; so that FAGHR looks into them and ensure that the required conditions are met, according to applicable rules. Once approved, the authority will notify the concerned entity to go ahead with the system.

The authority emphasised that there is a set of criteria that ministries and federal bodies must adhere to when determining appropriate jobs for remote work, including (that the jobs are of a partible nature, can be automated, and require specific inputs to be dealt with according to electronic systems).

The authority stressed that activating the remote work system in the federal government during normal circumstances aims to attract and maintain distinguished competencies, reduce operational costs, and provide government services during non-official working hours.

As per the circular, the remote work is divided into two types, the first is partial, where the employee can, at the request of his employer, divide his work time between the main workplace and the remote workplace. The second type the full-time remote work, which applies to jobs that can be performed completely form outside the official workplace.

The authority circulated the new remote work system to ministries and federal entities, affirming that it helps create new non-traditional job opportunities, and allows for multiple work options for employees and employers to achieve a balance between work and life, in a manner that does not affect achieving the strategic goals of ministries and federal agencies.