Shaikh Mohammad with King Salman at the Saruq Al Hadid Archaeological Museum. The Saudi King also visited several historical neighbourhoods. Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: UAE-Saudi Arabia relations are better and stronger than they have ever been, and these relations set an example of how inter-Arab relations should be, said His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Following the visit by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz to the UAE, Shaikh Mohammad said: “Our relations are ideal… If other Arab countries have the same strong relation as we do with Saudi Arabia, the region would have been in a much better state.”

Shaikh Mohammad said that Saudi Arabia is the guarantee for the region’s security and stability.

“With his wisdom and determination, King Salman is the best leader whom we place our trust in to lead the Arab region, particularly during this critical historical conditions,” he added.

“The UAE and Saudi Arabia share the same history, geography and fate, as well as identical views and stands regarding regional issues,” he added,

Shaikh Mohammad said that the visit by the Saudi King is source of immense pride and appreciation by the Emirati people, who have strong historical ties with the brotherly Saudi people.

Shaikh Mohammad underlined the important role Saudi Arabia plays in safeguarding the region’s assets and its development gains against challenges surrounding the Arab world, especially in view of the rapid international changes. He reiterated the UAE’s stand by Saudi Arabia in all honourable stands that aim to safeguard the nation’s dignity and glory forever.

Shaikh Mohammad stressed the deep-rooted ties between UAE and Saudi Arabia, and pointed out King Salman’s honourable stands that aim to enhance the region’s future and protecting the interests of its peoples.

“The coming generations will remember these historical stands, which will go down in history to refer to his endeavours to unify the Arab ranks and consolidate the resilience of the Gulf region in dealing with dangers that threaten any of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries,” added Shaikh Mohammad.

“UAE-Saudi Arabia relations must be taken as an example by other Arab countries to foster their cooperation and further their success. The unprecedented Emirati-Saudi cooperation and integration offer huge opportunities for both peoples, give a bigger boost for the Gulf region and a greater hope for the Arab nation,” he said.

“The identical views and stands of the UAE and Saudi Arabia further consolidates these historical ties, sparking optimism over more cooperation on the short and long run in various domains,” he added.

Shaikh Mohammad also spoke about cooperation between the private sectors of both countries, reaffirming that this cooperation has unlimited prospects for an even better future for both nations.

“Today, we have strong foundations of cooperation that both private sectors can build on for joint investment,” he said.

He expressed hope that the upcoming phase will witness more exchanged visits and identical views between private organisations in both countries, paving the way to explore potential opportunities and the know-how on utilising them in supporting the goals for comprehensive development to serve the interests of both peoples.

Shaikh Mohammad emphasised that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are aspiring for a new phase of growth and development, and faith in the importance of joint action to complement the ambitious visions for the future of development in both nations that will ensure a better future for coming generations and the entire Gulf region.

He expressed his sincere wishes for more progress and prosperity for Saudi Arabia and its people.