fnc session
A file picture of an Federal National Council session in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The National Elections Committee (NEC) has warned all potential candidates for the Federal National Council (FNC) to avoid premature electoral campaign.

The NEC issued the warning on Friday warning the candidates that premature electoral campaigning could lead to severe punitive actions, including the cancellation of their candidacy, or even permanent exclusion from electoral body lists.

The NEC stressed the importance of adhering to the guidelines and timeline outlined in the executive instructions for the elections, which form the legal structure governing all aspects of the electoral process. The Committee urged potential candidates to wait for the official campaign period, which is set to commence on Monday, September 11, 2023, and continue until Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

Social media use

Undertaking any form of electoral campaigning prior to this period, either through traditional platforms or various social media outlets, is strictly forbidden and considered a clear violation of the executive instructions. The NEC highlighted that punitive actions could be taken against individuals who disregard these rules, in accordance with the sanctions prescribed in the executive instructions for the elections.

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Unauthorised promption

It’s only after final approval of a candidate’s application, that they can proceed with their electoral campaigning. Unauthorised promotion of a candidate outside of the officially allocated campaign period may result in violations, potentially leading to severe repercussions.

A member of the electoral bodies can officially obtain candidate status only after the release of the final list of approved candidates. This list is set to be issued on September 2, 2023, once all candidacy applications have been submitted, and any objections to their validity have been addressed.


The NEC has made the executive instructions available to the public on its website and its smart application. This move is to ensure that all potential candidates and members of the electoral bodies are aware of the rules and regulations they are expected to follow throughout the electoral process.