Abu Dhabi: Voters must have an Emirates Identity card to take part in the upcoming Federal National Council (FNC) elections. The card, which is equipped with a chip will be used for the first time to ensure the identity of the holder.

E-voting is considered to be one of the most efficient in ensuring a safe, effective and convenient election process, said Dr Ali Al Khouri, director-general of the Emirates Identity Authority and member of the National Election Committee (NEC). The election is scheduled to be held on September 24, officials said Tuesday.

The electronic voting system, he said, has been adopted in many countries across the world and the UAE was the first Arab country in the region to implement such an advanced system in 2006.

The UAE adopts best international practices in using e-voting systems. Leading e-voting solutions provider Logica Business and Technology has been chosen for the FNC elections this year.

Electoral base

The electoral base for this year's elections has been expanded to ensure larger public participation, but the electoral rolls for the seven emirates will be announced on July 11, said Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs and a member of the NEC.

Indications are that more than 80,000 people named by Rulers' courts in the seven emirates will elect 20 representatives to the council.

"Preparations for the elections are proceeding to plan and in keeping with the vision of the UAE leadership," Lootah told a news conference. Since the FNC's inception in 1972, its members were appointed by the Rulers' courts in different emirates.

Members appointed

Elections were introduced in the FNC's 13th legislative session of 2006 to implement the directives of the Supreme Council of the Federation and the President's decision to elect 50 per cent of FNC members directly from 6,595 people who formed the electoral colleges in the emirates. The rest of the members were to be appointed by the Rulers.

"The Election Management Committee has an integrated action plan which takes into account the larger representation expected in the Electoral College. Polling centres will be opened in various locations based on the number of Electoral College members and accessibility, and there will be more than one polling station in some emirates, to make it convenient for voters," Lootah said.

The National Election Committee has also launched a call centre and website on the FNC Elections 2011 as part of increasing public awareness and facilitating procedures associated with the elections. The initiative is in line with the educational plan designed to educate Electoral College members on all aspects of the election process.

"The call centre aims to provide Electoral College members and the public with all the necessary information concerning voting and nomination as well as to answer all election related questions. The website will also facilitate members' access to important information."

Women candidates

"We have tried to build a comprehensive website that includes information related to the election process, schedule of elections and information on the NEC, FNC as well as the various committees, subcommittees and executive instructions," Lootah added.

Women entered the FNC for the first time in the 2006 council, but they were appointed by the Rulers, except for one member, who was elected.

Enfranchised Emiratis have increased more than 12 times compared to the 6,595 people who voted in 2006.


  • July 11: Announcement of electoral rolls
  • August 14 to 17: Registration of candidates
  • August 20: Announcement of the preliminary list of candidates
  • August 28: Announcement of final list of candidates
  • September 4 to 21: Campaigning period
  • September 24: Election day and announcement of results after initial screening
  • September 28: Adoption of the final list of winners (in the absence of by-elections)
  • October 6: Adoption of the final list of winners if by-elections are held. This occurs if more than one candidate receives equal votes or if an election is cancelled at any centre.


For enquiries on the electoral process and procedures dial 600566661 or visit the website www.uaenec.ae