20230626 eid al adha
Dubai has finalised preparations to ensure safe and joyful Eid Al Adha celebrations. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Dubai: The Dubai Event Security Committee (ESC) has finalised all preparations to secure events, tourist areas, and key locations across Dubai during the Eid Al-Adha holiday.

The comprehensive plan involves government and private sector entities, public departments, and police stations in Dubai to enhance security and ensure comfort for citizens, residents, and visitors.

 Security Plan

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commandant for Operations at Dubai Police and Chairperson of the ESC, reaffirmed that the committee had completed its preparations in collaboration with 55 government and private sector partners.

“The security measures include safeguarding all mosques and large prayer grounds, deploying patrols across roads, vital and tourist areas, shopping centres, and open markets to enhance security”, he explained.

Al Ghaithi explained that the Dubai Traffic Police Department and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will jointly coordinate efforts to reduce congestion and ensure smooth traffic flow.

Al Ghiathi explained that the Eid Al-Adha security plan includes:

— 429 security patrols

— 21 land rescue patrols

— 34 marine security boats

— 2 helicopters

— 5 operations rooms

— 135 ambulances

— 51 security bicycles

— 10 rescue boats

— 62 civil defence vehicles

— Family-only beaches

— 24 small cranes

— 5 CBRN responders


Al Ghaithi also mentioned that the transportation plan for Eid includes:

— 107 trains

— 14,388 luxury vehicles (limousines)

— 12,632 taxis

— 1,150 public transport buses

— 57 marine transport means

— 7 traffic and public transportation control centres

Command and Control Centre

Al Ghaithi also affirmed the readiness of the Command and Control Centre in the General Department of Operations to receive emergency calls 24/7.

“Public members are advised to call 901 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies and to use the “Police Eye” service in the Dubai Police app to report any observations or violations,” he said.

Speed Limits

Al Ghaithi urged the public to adhere to speed limits to prevent traffic accidents and the resulting physical, psychological, and material damage.

He also advised jet ski users to avoid crowded family areas on the beaches.

Child Safety

Al Ghaithi reminded parents and beachgoers to keep a close eye on children at beaches and swimming pools and to exercise caution in all public and vital areas.

He also advised off-road vehicle users in desert areas to drive cautiously without speeding.


Al Ghaithi warned parents and guardians against illegal fireworks and allowing children to play with fireworks due to the risk of injuries, burns, and permanent disfigurements, as well as the potential for fires that threaten lives and property.

Worker Areas

Al Ghaithi mentioned that the ESC, along with the Police Station Directors Council, Positive Spirit Council, and the Labour Committee, has ensured recreational facilities for workers in their residential areas in Dubai.

“Various sports and entertainment events will be organised during Eid to bring joy and share the festive spirit with labourers,” he revealed.