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The confiscated vehicles and bikes that were modified illegally. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police have seized 456 illegally modified vehicles, including motorbikes, for violating traffic rules, an official said on Wednesday.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said the traffic campaign, which was launched on February 11 this year, resulted in the seizure of 348 vehicles for modifying their engines illegally and causing noise that annoyed residents in Bur Dubai. Additionally, the campaign seized 108 motorbikes.

“The campaign aims to secure the roads, reduce number of deaths and protect public properties. It includes cars and motorbikes that were illegally modified,” Brig Khadim said in a statement.

He said that motorists used the modified cars to cause noise, do stunt performance on the roads as well as indulge in reckless driving, thereby endangering the lives of road users. “Some vehicles and motorbikes were seized for playing loud music. Some drivers want to show off and attract attention with loud music.”

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Brig. Khadim urged young motorists not to modify their vehicles and avoid such unruly behaviour on the road. “Dubai Police conducted many traffic campaigns to raise awareness among young drivers about modifying their vehicles. Drivers should follow traffic instructions and be responsible,” he added.