A dirty car that looks abandoned will incur a fine of Dh500 in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: If you’ve got a dirty car and plan to wash it when you get back from holiday, think again.

You’re carelessness could cost you Dh500 in fines.

According to a rule issued by Dubai Municipality, residents will be issued with a Dh500 fine if they leave their vehicle parked on public parking spaces, and leave it unwashed for a long period of time.

Dubai Municipality previously explained that this type of behaviour can “tarnish the aesthetic appearance of the city,” and issued the reminder to residents who might be planning a long trip abroad during their summer holiday.

Municipal inspectors will target vehicles that look as though they have not been used in a long time, which means they will look out for the big tell-tale signs on the car, and check if it is damaged, vandalised, contains rubbish, or if it has been stationary for a long time.

Once the unkempt car has been identified, inspectors will stick a notice on the vehicle’s windshield.

Drivers will then have 15 days to clean the vehicle, otherwise, the car will be impounded by authorities.

If the vehicle owner does not contact the municipality to pay the fine, the vehicle will be sold by auction, as per the rules issued by Dubai Municipality.

How to prevent rust formation

A cleaner washing a car on the side of a road. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Washing your vehicle once a week is the easiest way to prevent your car exterior from rusting.

But there are a few extra tips you can follow to maintain your vehicle in top shape:

  • Ensure that the vehicle is properly dried after a wash.
  • Remove any excess mud or dirt from the bottom of the vehicle’s exterior.
  • Wax your car at least twice a year.
  • Keep floor mats dry during the rain to prevent it from rusting in the vehicle’s interior.