Mumbai skyline
Mumbai skyline Image Credit: Social media

The rain may not have drenched the famous “spirit of Mumbai” in India’s largest city, but the new parking fine most certainly has.

Social media is abuzz in Mumbai with non-stop discussion about the new announcement post the budget.

According to Indian media reports, the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Mumbai Traffic Police are implementing new rules for vehicles parked in no-parking zones.

New fines now range from Rs5,000 (Dh268) to Rs23,000 (Dh1,234), higher than anything you would see in any city, including Dubai.

Dubai parking fines

  • Non-payment of parking tariff, or ticket is not visible — Dh150
  • Exceeding parking time — Dh100
  • Exceeding maximum parking hours — Dh100
  • Obstruction/Misuse of parking facility — Dh200

Mumbai new parking fines

  • Illegal parking (two wheelers) — Rs5,000 (Dh268)
  • Illegal parking (heavy vehicles) — Rs15,000 (Dh805) to Rs23,250 (Dh1,248)

The penalty Mumbai authorities have announced will comprise the actual fine for illegal parking and towing charges, which will come to a whopping Rs5,000 (Dh268) to Rs8,300 (Dh445) for two-wheelers and Rs15,000 (Dh805) to Rs23,250 (Dh1,248) for heavy vehicles.

However, not only are the tweeps questioning the prices, they are also asking, where is the space to park?

Tweep @SpeaksBajaj asked: “Where are the parking lots...? The problem here authorities focus on the problems, don’t give resolution.”

@suchetadalal pointed out: “No parking available, no pavements, roads dug up, but will fine Rs15,000 to Rs23,000 on alleged ‘unauthorised’ parking..., hardly any authorised parking in Mumbai that is free from taxis, tankers and buses. Don’t start harassing people in the monsoons @Dev_Fadnavis [Chief Minister of Maharashtra].”

And, @nikster007 added: “BMC after failing to provide us basic, safe infrastructure wants to fine us. Wah (wow)....”

Is this too much?

Tweep @anij4friends posted: “This policy is bad in law. This is not a proportionate fine for parking your vehicle. Parking contractors and officials will have a field day extorting bribes from the drivers. That too in a city with pathetic public transportation.”

According to an earlier Gulf News article listing the parking fines in Dubai, the parking in forbidden areas (illegal parking) will invite a fine of Dh200.

The fine for parking in front of fire hydrant places and in the spaces allocated for people with special needs is Dh1,000. The same amount will be slapped for parking a vehicle without a plate number.

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