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AJMAN: Ajman plans to launch the ‘Ajman Square’ project at the start of 2019, as part of its plans to offer new mix-use-facility in a bid to attract residents and tourists.

While inspecting the project’s progress, which includes many cafes and restaurants, Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Nuaimi, Director-General of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, said that the project highlights Ajman’s unique identity and aims to improve its living environment, by raising the emirate’s quality of life.

Al Nuaimi added that the square will have walking track, open-air seating areas, cafes and restaurants which will enable people to gather in one place.

Esmail Al Hosni, Director of the Project, said that the square is an outcome of the “Engineering Retreat of the Infrastructure Development Sector,” which was held in 2016 and recommended the launch of various initiatives that will present a new vision of the emirate and key projects that will positively affect residents and visitors, as well as providing a healthy environment according to the best international standards.

He added that the infrastructure development sector recommended the implementation of the “Ajman Pulse Project,” which includes a range of projects that highlight the beauty of the emirate and aim to provide ideal services for the entire community. The square is the first project that the department will launch, and will be followed by murals and sculpture projects, he said.