190123 community development
The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi organised workshop to familiarise entities with the policy and services while emphasising compliant fundraising practices within regulatory laws and legislation. Image Credit: Gulf News File

Abu Dhabi: The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi hosted introductory workshops on the guidelines for collecting donations within the emirate.

The workshops aimed at clarifying the fundraising policy’s role in organising, managing, and monitoring the fundraising process, as well as introduce entities to the policy and the various services provided by the DCD. It also highlighted the mechanisms that enable licensed and authorised entities to carry out fundraising activities in accordance with the regulatory laws and legislation.

Moreover, the workshops highlighted the role of the policy in organising operations through the Unified Electronic Record, which relies on modern technology to manage and supervise the fundraising process.

The workshops covered various important topics such as the process of initiating and organising fundraising, a general overview of the fundraising policy, and the capabilities of the DCD in organising fundraising activities.

The obligations of designated authorities were also clarified, in addition to an explanation of the efficiency measurement and evaluation system, reviewing the fundraising journey and services, with clarification of aspects of oversight and inspection.


The workshops also highlighted that the policy aims to regulate fundraising activities in the emirate, protect donor funds, and enable the DCD to effectively perform its tasks, which include organising, licensing, monitoring and supervising fundraising activities.

The policy is not only aimed at main entities involved in organising fundraising activities and their locations in the emirate, but also authorised and licensed entities, entities granted charitable status, and accredited charitable organisations, in addition to entities benefiting from donations, including natural and legal persons.

The DCD confirmed that launching the Abu Dhabi Fundraising Policy comes in line with the department’s responsibilities and roles in regulating the social sector, which includes fundraising, with the aim of establishing a clear regulatory framework that provides guidelines for fundraising activities.

Therefore, the DCD organised a series of introductory workshops to clarify all aspects of the policy, specifying the priorities, the basics of the work entailed, and the obligations of the parties concerned with collecting donations.

This reflects the keenness of community members to provide assistance and support to everyone in need, which is rooted in UAE culture and values.

Therefore, it is important to organise community contributions that fall within this framework and ensure the safety of its operations through the establishment of transparency and confidence in its organisational path. This contributes to enhancing the culture of donation, giving and charitable work.