Clockwise from top left: Sreerag, Ali, and Mahmoud Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Last Saturday, on October 22, three expats each won Dh100,000 in the weekly Mahzooz draw.

Ali, a 32-year-old Ethiopian employee at a hypermarket chain, has been a UAE resident for nine years and takes part in Mahzooz every week. Ali was at work when the draw was held and his colleague informed him he had won. This is the first prize he has ever received.

Gift for wife

“I received a call from Mahzooz on Sunday telling me I had won,” Ali said. “The winnings will make a big difference in my life as I will be able to use them to invest in a business here in the UAE, and I am planning to gift my wife a new smartphone”.

Meanwhile, an unexpected telephone call brought luck to 36-year-old Sreerag, an Indian jewellery store salesman. Sreerag has taken part in Mahzooz five times, but now that he has won big, he plans to participate in the draw more often.

“As I was attending a family gathering on Saturday, I was unable to watch the live draw. I was extremely surprised to receive a call from Mahzooz on Sunday morning telling me about my big win,” Sreerag said.

Support for sister

Sreerag has been living in the UAE for the past eight years, and he proudly admits that the UAE has helped him provide a better life for his family. Sreerag has not informed his family of his windfall yet, but he says he would most definitely like to use his big win to support his sister and travel with his family.

Mahmoud, an interior designer from Syria, received the phone call from Mahzooz on Sunday, which he claims has drastically changed his life. The 37-year-old is still deciding how to spend the prize money, but he believes it will make a tangible difference in his life.