Doran Davies, Co-founder, BOUNCE - Middle East Image Credit: Supplied

What is Bounce Fit?

Bounce Fit is a physical exercise on a trampoline that usually consists of 45 minutes cardio workout and 15 minutes warm-up and warm-down. It is based on rebound exercise. NASA has recommended it as one of the most efficient forms of workouts and trains their astronauts on this type of workout.

How is it different from other workouts?

Trampoline is an unstable surface – so imagine your body on a constantly moving surface. The high-intensity low-impact workout strengthens your core as you will squat, lunge and plank to the backdrop of a soundtrack. You will be exercising the muscles on your body you never knew existed before.

When are you launching Bounce Fit (at your facility in Marina Mall)?

We are launching it on October 4.

How many calories can one burn in an hour?

It depends on your fitness level and ability. But on an average, people can burn 800 calories per hour on the trampoline.

Is it suitable for all age groups?

Yes, anybody between the age group 10 and 50 can do Bounce Fit.

How often will you recommend Bounce Fit to people?

It is a personal choice. But most of our regulars come thrice a week.

How much does it cost?

It costs Dh80 per hour, same price as our general access.