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Fonterra enjoys a strong presence across the Middle East offering the best of dairy products and ingredients to consumers, F&B outlets, and major food manufacturers. Its flagship brand, Anchor has been in the region for over three decades. Anchor today offers a range of products consumers in this region enjoy such as Full Cream Milk Powder, Jar Cheese, Evaporated Milk, and Sterilised Cream. Anchor’s Fortified Full Cream Milk Powder from grass-fed cows is a whole milk powder fortified with vitamins and minerals that supports healthy growth and development, with no added preservatives or colours, making it best suited to families’ everyday use.

Anchor’s most recent innovation is the Wellness Range of milk powders, launched in response to consumers’ changing dietary habits to include nutrition-rich foods in their diets. It comprises three new milk powder products suitable for the entire family. With the same taste as regular milk powder, these are packed with additional nutrients to give you and your family wholesome nutrition. Anchor Protein Plus contains 25 per cent more protein compared to regular milk. Protein helps in growth and development and provides long-lasting energy. The second product in this range, Anchor Immune Plus contains five immunity-boosting nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin C. Two glasses of Anchor Immune Plus a day provide 30 per cent of the daily required amount of the immunity-boosting nutrients. Lastly, Anchor Digestive Plus is enriched with dietary fibre, prebiotics and zinc, which help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. All three products are suitable for direct drinking, cooking and baking.