RTA vehicle life extension
The new RTA service is aimed at those wishing to extend the lifespan of their vehicles. Image Credit: Supplied | RTA

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently unveiled an initiative aimed at extending the service life of commercial vehicles owned by companies and entities registered in Dubai.

The initial phase of this initiative will solely focus on light vehicles operating in the car rental business within the emirate.

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Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency, RTA, explained: “This service would be optional, not mandatory, for companies operating in the car rental business in Dubai.

“It is designed specifically for those wishing to extend the lifespan of their vehicles by undertaking the required technical inspections based on the approved conditions of car rental activities published on RTA’s website and the top international practices.

Abdullah Yousif Al Ali

The steps for customers to access this service:

1) Log onto RTA’s website using the company's account and select the service.

2) Review the service's requirements and information.

3) Agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the request with the company's data.

4) Select vehicles that have reached their maximum lifespan.

5) Choose the appropriate service centre, date, and time for the life extension test.

6) The customer will receive an email confirming the booking details.

7) The customer is to attend the scheduled appointment, complete the payment for the lifespan extension inspection, and proceed with the vehicle test.

8) In the event of getting a Pass result, the customer should apply for the standard technical traffic safety test to renew the vehicle at a service centre within 30 days of receiving the Life Extension Inspection Certificate.

3-failed tests rule 

Should a vehicle fail the test, the customer must undertake necessary technical improvements to the vehicle that did not pass.

The company can apply for the test up to a maximum of three times.

The CEO of RTA's Licensing Agency confirmed that RTA conducted extensive technical studies and field surveys before launching this service for car rental companies as a first phase.

Subsequent phases are set to include other categories of commercial vehicles.