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Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General, Expo 2020 Dubai declared Africa to be the future, not just for Africans but for the entire world. With the successful launch of the Greatest Show on Earth, GN Focus gets the Heads of country pavilions representing some of the most influential economies on the African continent, to reveal their game plans for the global event and what their takeaways would be from Expo 2020


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Mokhtar Attar, Commissioner of Algeria at Expo 2020 Dubai

Mokhtar Attar

"Algeria promotes its membership in the African continent as one of the greatest African nations. Its participation in Expo 2020 Dubai constitutes for the Algerian pavilion a privileged moment to illustrate and enhance this dimension through the nation’s proven ancient history as one of the earliest human settlements. The discoveries of stone tools at Ain Boucherit in Setif Province date back more than a million years.

"This ancient history of a fabled land complements the modernisation of Algeria’s infrastructure to keep pace with advancements by fronting and being a part of ambitious projects such as the Trans-Saharan highway. Algeria considers itself an integral part in driving the African continent’s narrative on peace and sustainable development. I wish to convey that Africa, the matrix of humanity, relies on its own capacities and vast resources in building its future, a future full of hope and opportunity.”


Keletsositse Olebile, Commissioner General, Botswana Pavilion, Expo 2020

Keletsositse Olebile

"As a country we believe that nothing happens in isolation. Appreciating that, we will participate in the Expo in the belief that Botswana has a lot of untapped potential and opportunities in a multitude of industries and sectors. Our firm belief is that the only way to realise this potential is through smart partnerships that we are geared to identify and take advantage of through our participation.

"Our expectation is that Expo 2020 Dubai will connect Botswana’s local suppliers, producers, innovators, businesses and entrepreneurs to global investors and through these connections we will realise growth, advancement and diversification of our economy. The Expo will assist us to penetrate and secure new markets for Botswana products, secure foreign direct investment, and create global awareness of Botswana as a place to live, invest and visit.”


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Dr Ahmed Maghawry, Head of the Egyptian Commercial Service and Commissioner General of Egypt’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai

Dr Ahmed Maghawry

"The Egyptian participation at Expo 2020 highlights the extreme specificity of the Egyptian identity that made history and forms the foundations of a bright future. Our message is that Egypt is a state of peace that integrates with the countries of the world through its giant development initiatives at the Arab, African and international levels. In addition, this global event is a great opportunity for the world to see Egypt’s future and what is happening on its land now in terms of development, with mega projects and achievements to take a strong step towards the new republic.

"Our takeaways are endless, I describe Expo as the Utopia city where the world comes together to showcase best practices and the future we aim at in a festive atmosphere of talks and shows to celebrate different cultures. We come here to share our experiences and learn from each other, hoping to go back to our homelands with new and fresh ideas that will contribute to a better future for our world.”