The viewing area on the dunes of Maliha will offer unparalleled views of the Perseid Meteor Shower, away from the city lights. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Stargazers are invited to take in the annual Perseid Meteor Shower streaking across the UAE night sky this Sunday evening.

The Maliha Archaeological and Ecotourism Project in Sharjah is hosting an evening deep in the Sharjah desert on Sunday from 8pm to 1am when the meteor shower is expected to be at its peak on the best viewing day of the year.

The viewing area will welcome visitors in the historic dunes of Maliha, approximately 40 minutes away from Sharjah city lights and will offers visitors a view of the night skies unaffected by light pollution evident in larger urban centres.

In a press release issued on Thursday, Mahmoud Rashid Al Suwaidi, manager of Maliha Archaeological Centre, said: “Visitors at Maliha this weekend are in for a special treat as we ensure a unique and memorable experience for all of them, something that they can hold dear to them when sharing with their friends and families.”

Al Suwaidi said that preparations “have been finalised where visitors can lay back and relax to watch the complete Perseid Meteor Shower from our desert Majlis setting, without the need or use of any special equipment or telescopes, though visitors are free to choose whether or not to bring one. The startling view of this meteor shower is accompanied with the backdrop of the famous Al Faya Mountain and The Fossil Rock mountain ranges, along with snacks, soft drinks and hot beverages to be offered throughout the course of the meteor showers.”

“The dunes at Maliha, especially around Al Faya Mountain and The Fossil Rock, offer a more secluded and warm experience for visitors and sky watchers who look forward to create great memories out of this opportunity.”

How to reach Maliha

The Maliha Archaeological and Ecotourism project is easily locatable on Google Maps, and is south of Al Dhaid near Al Fayah Mountain. Maliha Archaeological Centre offers return transfers from Sharjah or Dubai for those without access to a transport for additional fees. For information and inquiries, visit our website:

Don’t miss spectacle

A stunning celestial phenomenon will take place across the desert night sky and will leave fans delighted as the Perseid Meteor Shower happens on Sunday August 12 and Monday August 13.

Hassan Al Hariri, chief executive officer of Dubai Astronomy Group, told Gulf News that the meteor shower can produce anything between 100 to 150 meteors an hour, which will peak on the night of August 12 from 2am-4am.

“Meteor showers are like ‘dirty snowballs’, where light materials from comets are pushed out of the solar system and pulled in by the sun. It then starts to evaporate and creates a trail of dust,” said Al Hariri.