Abdul Rehman Falaknaz (3rd from L), Esmeralda Shkjau (2nd from R) , Mansoor Falaknaz (R), Beniot Morand (2nd L) and Gladys Morand during the press conference in Dubai to announce the launch of the 'green' batteries, Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE’s Concord Alliance Investment (CAI) is set to introduce novel rechargeable batteries which can run for more than 20 years in vehicles.

“We are ready to provide innovative green energy solutions to automobile industry among others to provide powerful and long running rechargeable batterie for the electric and hybrid vehicles, trains and other industries,” said Esmeralda Shkjau, CEO of CAI during a press conference in Dubai. She said that batteries which are being used these days in vehicles run between one to two years whereas the batteries developed by the Swiss engineering company (CESA) Morand Holdings FA, can be used for more than 20 years.

The CAI has already signed a strategic partnership with the Swiss engineering company Morand Holdings FA to launch the new environment friendly batters in the UAE and other GCC countries. The partnership is expected to revolutionise the sustainable mobility not only in the UAE but also across the Mena region.


The partnerhship agreement was signed in Dubai between Esmeralda Shkjau and Benoit Morand, founder of the Morand Holding in the presence of Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairperson of Concord Alliance Investment, and Mansoor Falaknaz.

“In line with the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership to curtail the carbon footprint, the deal will see a big reduction in the CO2 emission. In an era, where the primary focus of all the countries is to protect the environment with use of renewable energy, CESA e-technology can play a major role to achieve desired goals in the region,” she added.

Esmeralda is upbeat with the prospect of the new partnership, which can potentially mark the beginning of a new era in the area of sustainable mobility.

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Ultra fast charging

CESA is a novel technology start-up that builds upon the rich Swiss history of engineering, innovation, and manufacturing. Its innovations include durable, ultra-fast rechargeable battery packs and an advanced hybrid energy recovery system.

“I am very happy to bring this technology to the UAE, a country which provides ample of opportunities to everyone,” said Esmeralda.

“We are so happy to be working in line with the vision of the leadership of the UAE. Our leaders have taken a big stride towards the future for the protection of the climate by organising the COP28, which is a huge success. The best thing about this technology and the partnership is that we are bringing it into the frame of COP28,” she stressed.

“CESA e-technology will provide a solution for the sustainable mobility in the country and the region. The future belongs to the electric vehicles, which are eco-friendly and more cost effective,” she added.

Huge potential

“To keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, 100 million electric vehicles should be added to our roads globally by 2030. This means a 50-fold increase from today’s numbers. These figures are encouraging and shows the huge potential that renewable energy business holds in the future,” said Esmeralda citing the reports of the World Economic Forum.

Apprising about the features of the battery pack, she said: “With a capacity of around 7.2 kWh, a small city car can cover up to 100km full electric or around 450km in hybrid mode. And the recharge time is just under two minutes.

“The CESA Advanced Hybrid system has a long lifecycle with very low maintenance requirements. Temperature has little impact on performance, and it is safer than other storage systems with inbuilt fire resistance,” she added.

She note that more than 20 per cent of the carbon emission comes from the transport and mobility. While advances in electrification technologies have been made, they have not yet been able to match the convenience of conventional fossil-fuel vehicles on road, rail, sea, or in the air.

High performance

“That is where we step in. We have come up with a technology which can power even the heavy vehicles and can be recharged 50,000 times as compared to the normal batteries, which have a lifespan of 2000-3000 recharge cycles,” added Esmeralda.

Benoit also expressed his delight after signing the partnership and said he is confident of getting unprecedented result and success with this technology.

“I am really proud to be representing my country. It is great honour to sign a partnership with Concord Alliance Investment LLC. I am hopeful of achieving the unprecedented success with this technology, which is five years ahead of its time,” said Benoit.