Mr Sam Alawiyé, CEO of GreenParking, with the EV charging station and a hostess Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A new network of 100 electric-vehicle charging stations has been installed across Dubai as part of a major decarbonisation strategy for Dubai’s future.

Showcased on Sunday as part of Dubai Car-Free Day, new chargers roughly the size of existing streetside parking meters are in place and are awaiting the green light from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa).

Dewa has yet to announce the start date for the project which is part of the push by the electricity provider to secure at least seven per cent of its total electrical generation from renewable energy such as solar power by 2020. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels will reduce Dubai’s carbon footprint, leading to cleaner air and meeting the UAE’s commitment to slash greenhouse gases.

The first 100 new electric chargers are part of a pilot programme to mark the beginning of a long-term transition by more drivers to electric-only vehicles in the years to come.

Sam Alawiye, CEO of GreenParking, told Gulf News on Sunday his firm provided at least 70 per cent of the first batch of chargers and said he is excited to be taking part in the Dewa electric car network, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

“This will make it very attractive for the public to purchase real electric cars,” Alawiye said, noting most electric cars now in Dubai are hybrids of both battery and petrol power.

About 60 chargers are in place now are mid-level stations in parking areas that, on average, take two hours to charge while remaining high-level chargers to be unveiled at petrol stations, on average, can charge anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

Alawiye said about 40 new GreenParking car parks across Dubai will soon unveil free charging for an introduction of two years.

New electric car users who connect to mid-level charging stations will pay for their electricity likely through some form of a Dewa card which will add each charging session to a customer’s monthly Dewa bill.