For Gulf News reader Ramesh Menon, it is time to make the switch to more energy-efficient lights. He said: "[With LED lights], large corporate establishments, shopping malls, street lights ... can be well-lit while simultaneously saving energy." Image Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News Reader

While giving [the authorities] a thumbs-up for their efforts in saving energy and water, I wish to draw their attention to a topic that needs to be addressed.

Let's look around — the millions of lamps glowing 24/7 seem to have the most hazardous effects.

These lamps consume a lot of electricity and at the same time emit carbon. Why don't the authorities concerned take the lead in installing lamps that are light-emitting diodes (LED)?

[It would work well] especially in the corporate, industrial and public utility sectors. As far as I can tell, developed nations are quite far ahead in this matter.

New home-buyers in the US are not asking for jacuzzis or spas, but are instead demanding the installation of energy-efficient lights and recyclable products.

Moreover, the conventional lamps we now see in place are not recyclable. All of the lights — whether they are fluorescent, compact fluorescent or metal halide — contain mercury or some form of gaseous substance.

Studies have proved that LED lights are 60 per cent more energy-efficient and cause no environmental problems. These lights are more suitable for the weather in this region, as no heat is generated. Additionally, under the United Nation's Clean Development Mechanism, users can obtain carbon credits.

It may not be feasible to look at the domestic usage of LED lights, but large corporate establishments, shopping malls, street lights, parking lots, warehouses, pathways of buildings — and more — can be well lit while simultaneously saving energy.

Let us all start saving energy for a better environment. The usage of LED lights would definitely help lower the cause and concern for global warming.

- The reader is a technical officer, based in Abu Dhabi.

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