Sharjah: With more than 25,000 Emiratis looking for jobs in the UAE, the role of companies in the private sector in accommodating and employing the national workforce will be the main focus at Sharjah’s Second Conference on Human Resources, which will take place on December 11-12.

Tariq Bin Khadim, Chairman of Human Resources Directorate in Sharjah, said at a press conference that it has been noted that the role of the private sector has grown in recent years, and organisations in the sector will continue to have a social responsibility to reduce unemployment among UAE citizens and support human resources.

“The private sector needs more participation in bodies, committees and councils concerned with upgrading the quality of education, and technical and vocational training, and contributing actively in designing and funding curricula and training programmes,” he said. Bin Khadim also urged organisations to diversify their investments by including non-conventional development sectors such as scientific and technological research. With the private sector holding a capacity of four million jobs, Bin Khadim further highlighted the importance of attracting national talent to the private sector and ensuring that they continue to serve private organisations through training programmes.

Social responsibility

Carrying the slogan “Social responsibility of the private sector in supporting human resources”, the conference will also discuss the social role of private institutions and the human element in the overall development of the country.

Dr Omar Al Nuaimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Policies and Strategy affairs of the Ministry of Labour, highlighted the importance of “developing the human first”.

Also encouraging new initiatives and “in-house-training” of new employees and graduates at private organisations, Al Nuaimi called for the cooperation of institutions in the local private sector to increase effectiveness when creating more jobs for UAE citizens.

With more than 1,500 students graduating each year from Sharjah universities alone, Jamal Ahmad Al Jasmi, Director General of Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, said that every graduate of our institute is considered a human and national wealth for both the public and the private sectors. “The percentage of nationals working in the private sector is shameful,” said Al Jasmi. He added that institutions of the local private sector are therefore encouraged to participate in supporting and employing graduates, including Emirati graduates, so that they become effective and productive in society.

The two-day conference, which will be hosted by American University of Sharjah, will include five dialogue sessions, which will shed light on the policies and programmes of employing personnel in the private sector. It will also discuss the role of private organisations in training the national force and controlling unemployment.