(Clockwise from top left) Omar Al Madhaani, Amal Ahmad, Shaikha Al Hosani, and Khalid A Awadhi Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Young Emiratis have expressed their pride and excitement about the successful launch of the UAE’s Rashid Rover to the moon on Sunday.

Speaking to Gulf News about the Emirates Lunar Mission’s milestone achievement, the Emirati youth remembered the country’s leadership with gratitude and hailed their vision and determination that saw the first Arab moon mission successfully lifting off from the US.

“The Rashid Rover actually lifted our dreams to the moon. It is not just the dreams of the Emiratis, but that of all the Arabs,” said Omar Al Madhaani, a content creator.

The UAE stands to be the fourth nation in the world and the first Arab country to land on the moon’s surface when the mission is successfully completed.

“I am so proud about this moment. This was [the UAE’s Founding Father, the late] Sheikh Zayed’s dream and our leaders and scientists have made it come true. We have shown once again that sky is not your limit if you dream big,” added Al Madhaani.

Determined people

Amal Ahmad, a prominent person of determination who champions the country’s achievements in many fields, said: “We are indeed people with determination. The launch of the Rashid Rover had to be postponed a couple of times. Yet, we were determined to go ahead with the mission. We never give up. [His Highness] Sheikh Mohammed [bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai] wants us to be number one in everything and I am so proud that he is leading us in showing to the world that we are number one.”

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Making history

Shaikha Al Hosani, an Emirati influencer, said: “This means a lot not only for the UAE, but for all the Arab countries. When this mission will be complete, it will add a big chapter in the Arab history. As an Emirati, I am so proud that this great lunar mission has happened from the UAE and the Rashid Rover was built by the Emiratis. Our Arab ancestors were well-known for exploring and inventing many things. Now, the UAE is doing such explorations and I hope that in future people will read about our Emirati explorers also in the history books.”

Matter of mindset

Khalid A Awadhi, who works with the social media and marketing section of an exhibitions company, said the UAE’s lunar feat which followed its other space achievements such as sending the first astronaut to space and the launch of the Hope Probe to Mars, showed that you do not need to have a big country to make big achievements.

“It is not because we have oil that we have done all this. It is all about the vision and mindset of the leadership. That is what makes big things possible… We should not just stop. We should go deeper into the space. When we get more data, we can gain more knowledge and create more ideas and innovations in our world.”