Needs attention. Emirates Living Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/XPRESS

DUBAI Two years after launching an extensive signature campaign demanding a security overhaul, Emirates Living residents say they are still waiting for Emaar to act on their demands.

In August 2012, Neha Bali, a resident of Meadows 2 spearheaded the signature campaign to raise a number of community issues in Emirates Living. “We had a 16 point agenda which we took up with developer Emaar in the hope they will bring in necessary positive changes within the communities. While we have seen some improvement in security patrolling and stringent vehicle checks at community entrances, some important demands like better lighting and installation of CCTV cameras are yet to happen in most of Emirates Living. We hope that Emaar will heed to our concern and take action soon,” said Bali.

“In fact, following our campaign, Emaar even sent us an email saying they were working on getting additional lighting for lakeside pathways in The Lakes, Meadows and Springs. That has not been done yet,” she added.

A Lakes resident said: “I have been sending emails to Emaar asking them to install better lighting but nothing has been done. The streets are dimly lit and can be unsafe for people to walk late in the evening,” said Pooja Deepak. Bali also called upon Emaar to immediately install CCTV cameras and automated access control system to screen cars. “In October 2013, Emaar did a trial run of CCTV cameras and access system in Springs 3, but nothing has been done in other communities.”

A comment from Emaar was not immediately available.