Moshin Khan (right) and Rajavarapu Kumar: Two winners who hit Dh75,000 each in FAST5 and EASY6 games over the weekend.
Emirates Draw winners Moshin Khan (right) and Rajavarapu Kumar hit Dh75,000 each in FAST5 and EASY6 games over the weekend. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Draw continues to create success stories across the world all in the spirit of “For A Better Tomorrow”.

Week in, week out, fortunate winners are getting closer to turning their dreams into reality.

This past weekend was nothing short of amazing.

Remarkably, two individuals from India played and won substantial Dh75,000 prizes each in both Emirates Draw FAST5 and Emirates Draw EASY6 games, highlighting an extraordinary weekend for these international participants.

These wins are proof of the life-changing opportunities that Emirates Draw consistently offers to its players.

FAST5: Moshin Khan wins once again

With wedding bells on the horizon, this win couldn’t have come at a better time for Moshin Khan. The 34-year-old, who lives and works in Hyderabad, will be tying the knot later this year, after Ramadan. Thanks to his FAST5 Guaranteed Prize win of Dh75,000, planning his wedding will be significantly less stressful.

“I feel extremely blessed, I was very worried about how I would pay for my wedding, and now thanks to Emirates Draw, I’ll be able to start my new life with ease,” says the sales manager.

While shopping with a friend, Moshin was taken by surprise when he received a congratulatory email. In utter shock, he immediately called his mother to share the unbelievable news.

Moshin, who has been participating in Emirates Draw for a year, has already won twice! His initial win came in March 2023, winning AED 15,000 with Emirates Draw EASY6. Since then, he has consistently played, opting for the quick pick selection, and has been actively encouraging friends and family to follow suit.

The fact that this international participant has secured two wins in less than 12 months stands as a testament to Emirates Draw's international appeal.

EASY6: Rajavarapu Kumar secures children’s future

This past weekend, Emirates Draw EASY6 had 1,634 winners, one of whom was small business owner Rajavarapu Kumar.

Introduced to Emirates Draw through friends, he has been playing for the past six months also opting for the quick pick selection.

At home in Kanchikacherla, Andhra Pradesh, Rajavarapu was watching the Emirates Draw live stream when he saw his numbers appear onscreen.

“Totally in shock, I quickly opened the app to double-check and couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife, who was sitting beside me, was so happy. It was an unbelievable moment,” says the father of two.

Securing an additional Dh75,000 through Emirates Draw EASY6, the 35-year-old is now able to provide his children with a better education and secure their future.

After seeing first-hand the power of Emirates Draw in impacting lives, he is now determined to keep playing in hopes of winning big.

Emirates Draw continues to empower individuals worldwide, and these heartwarming success stories demonstrate the profound impact of Emirates Draw in making dreams a reality.

Livestreaming events

The excitement continues with the upcoming games, which will be live-streamed starting Friday, January 19, 2024, to Sunday, January 21, 2024, at 9 PM UAE time across Emirates Draw's digital platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the official website.

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