Lucky winners Camila De Castro, left, and Sarath Sivadasan. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dreams turned into reality for individuals from Brazil, India and Lebanon last Saturday, when they won raffle prizes with Emirates Draw FAST5. Camila De Castro from Brazil celebrated her biggest win, Sarath Sivadasan from India experienced an unexpected win and Mohamad Bassal from Lebanon claimed the biggest prize.

The FAST5 game achieved a significant milestone marking Mohamad Bassal and Camila De Castro, as its first winners from Lebanon and Brazil.

The power of belief

De Castro, a 37-year-old simulator engineer from Sao Paolo, has called Abu Dhabi, UAE, her home for the past six years. A regular participant since 2022, she recently won her biggest raffle prize amount to date, Dh25,000, with FAST5 after two wins weekly guaranteed prize winners.

Upon receiving the congratulatory email, she said: “I had to double-check; it’s not every day that you win such a significant amount,”

Her winning tactic is simple yet powerful: Play with the genuine belief that you can win, not just for the sake of playing. According to her, this is the key to success. Planning to save her entire prize, she aims to use it towards paying off for her apartment next year.

'Trust your instincts'

Sarath Sivadasan from Kerala, a 36-year-old procurement professional residing in Dubai, transformed his life with Emirates Draw FAST5, winning Dh50,000 within just two months of participation.

Sivadasan discovered Emirates Draw through social media, a testament to the global connectivity of the game. His winning strategy in selecting numbers, shared with a laugh, reveals its simplicity: “I just look at the numbers on the screen and choose the ones that speak to me.”

Surprisingly, it wasn’t he who found out about his win first, instead, it was his wife who, at the moment of the live draw results announcement, happened to be checking his email. This led to reactions of shock and disbelief, resulting in reconfirming both the Live stream and app. While Sarath is still processing his unexpected win, one thing remains clear – his commitment to playing with Emirates Draw.