Still from Dubai Police video shared on social media about the rescue effort Image Credit: Screengrab/Dubai Police

Dubai: The Maritime Rescue and Marine Security Team of Dubai Police’s Ports Station swiftly intervened to save a boat on the verge of crashing into a breakwater after it faced an unexpected malfunction.

The boat’s owner conveyed his gratitude to Dubai Police, recounting the harrowing experience. He said: “My boat malfunctioned in the evening near the wave breaker east of the Dubai World Islands. The currents rapidly dragged the boat towards the breaker, and I was terrified of the boat crashing into the nearby rocks. Those were distressing moments.”

He continued: “I immediately contacted the Command and Control Centre of Dubai Police, requesting urgent assistance. An official communicated with me, reassuring me until the maritime patrol arrived promptly.”

He continued: “By God’s grace and the swift response of the team, my boat was pulled away from danger, and I was saved. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff of the Command and Control Centre and the Maritime Rescue and Marine Security team, who closely monitored my situation until I was safe.”

24/7 readiness

Brigadier Dr Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi

Brigadier Dr Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, Director of the Ports Police Station in Dubai, congratulated the boat owner on his safety. He reaffirmed that the centre is always ready to handle emergencies through its terrestrial and maritime points. These points are equipped with combined patrols from the ‘Marine Security’ and ‘Maritime Rescue’, operating 24/7 with rescue divers, boat drivers, and air and water jet ski operators.

‘Sail Safely’ app

Brig Al Suwaidi highlighted that all specialised teams of the Ports Police Station are perpetually prepared as per the directives of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, to deal with any emergency around the clock. He emphasised that patrols are deployed to ensure rapid response to any incidents in marine areas.

Brigadier Al Suwaidi also encouraged boat and yacht owners to register in the ‘Sail Safely’ service on the Dubai Police app for a safer cruise and faster emergency response. He advised them to contact the Command and Control Centre of Dubai Police at 999 during emergencies and stay safe at all times.