190823 dust storm
A reader's photo shows a dust storm in the UAE. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Yoon Hee Choi | Gulf News Reader

Dubai: A heart-pounding drama unfolded as Dubai Police's marine rescue teams raced against nature's fury to save three persons from a watery grave. These intrepid individuals were ensnared by a dust storm while engaged in air skiing.

In a terrifying twist of fate, the violent weather event ruthlessly pulled the victims away from the safety of the shore. Among them, one survivor bore the brunt of the dust storm, suffering severe injuries while battling for survival.

Brigadier Dr. Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, Director of Ports Police Station in Dubai, underscored the unwavering vigilance of maritime security patrols that stand sentinel along Dubai's pristine beaches. With lightning speed, the patrol teams sprang into action when the emergency call echoed through the stormy chaos.

They snatched the three imperiled souls from the clutches of the treacherous waters just as the tempest descended like a vengeful titan.

Rescue amid raging waves

The victims, enthusiasts of air skiing, found themselves mercilessly cast adrift by the capricious storm. The rescue teams ventured into the turbulent sea, their vision obscured and their vessel buffeted by the raging waves.


In the throes of nature's fury, the first survivor was plucked from the brink of doom. His desperate words revealed that two companions still battled the tempest's wrath. In the face of adversity, the indomitable rescuers, drawing upon their unparalleled expertise, defied the elements to locate and rescue the remaining two.

Rushed to hospital

The saved air skiers were swiftly transferred to an awaiting ambulance and transported to the hospital for crucial medical attention. One bore scars, a testament to their unyielding fight against the elements.

Walid Al Gharabally from Libya, one of the survivors, recounted the harrowing tale of his encounter with death. As the storm ravaged their recreational activity, he clung desperately to ropes tethered to his air skateboard, a lifeline in the chaos. The storm, however, was relentless, and he was tossed by the waves.

In those agonising moments, thoughts of family flooded Al Gharabally's mind, until the reassuring voice of a Dubai Police officer shattered the darkness. A life-saving hand reached out to him, pulling him back from the brink.

Amidst confusion and dread, Al Gharabally alerted his rescuers to the fate of his two friends still trapped in the storm. The police boat surged forward, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat as they retrieved the imperiled skiers.

In profound gratitude, Al Gharabally hailed Dubai Police as saviors, acknowledging their role in his miraculous survival. "I will never forget those agonising minutes that separated me from death," he declared.