Igor Andronov, CEO, EMAG Middle East

A new start in the Central Asian and Middle East region for one of Germany's mechanical engineering market leaders, the EMAG Group is currently establishing its new sales company, EMAG Middle East with headquarters in the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) in Dubai.

With their impressively comprehensive know-how, the specialists are thus positioning themselves in the fast-growing markets of the region. With its technologies and machine tools, EMAG covers the entire process chain within metalworking: from turning, drilling and milling to gear cutting, grinding and laser welding. In addition, the machine builders also implement complete process chains in which, for example, robot cells or other automation technologies are used.

Only a few manufacturers have access to a similarly large pool of knowledge. The end result: "turnkey" production solutions that deliver real productivity leaps, for example in the automotive industry, the supplier industry, contract manufacturers or general mechanical engineering. "Our customers in various industries benefit from specific experience knowledge that we bring to each project," says Igor Andronov, CEO of EMAG Middle East, who heads the new company together with CFO Jonas Woern.

"We provide advisory services, for example, depending on the number of workpieces, precision requirements as well as the desired unit production costs, and then apply the most effective tooling process in every aspect."

Various examples from different industries show how successful this approach is. For example, "automotive engineering": Many components and parts have to be manufactured very precisely - despite high-strength materials. At the same time, the focus is shifting to production efficiency. Shorter cycle times and decreasing non-productive times should ensure lower unit production costs here, which EMAG makes possible with its so-called pick-up machines, among other things.

With integrated automation, they load themselves in a matter of seconds. In addition, it is possible to flexibly combine processes such as turning and grinding, and to simply link several machines. As a result, the entire process is faster, generates lower energy consumption and improves the surface quality of the components.

"We are convinced that we can score with this quality, especially in the markets of Central Asia and the Middle East. Here, on the one hand, various industrial cooperations are gaining momentum, and on the other hand, there are a number of highly interesting projects relating to the establishment of new production sites. In this context, we provide targeted assistance in implementing future-proof new solutions or optimising existing production facilities.

"As a system provider, we can also take over the complete planning and design if desired. We are delighted with this market launch and are very optimistic about the coming months."

IFZA in Dubai offers many advantages for the EMAG Group, which Woern describes as follows: "IFZA Dubai is a growing business location that is attracting more and more companies. First of all, there are no taxes on income, profit or capital in IFZA. This is a significant savings for us and helps our business to expand and grow.

"In addition, IFZA offers quick and easy registration and a favourable business environment. IFZA has first-class infrastructure and modern facilities, including offices, warehouses and production sites. Another advantage of IFZA is its location in Dubai, a city known as an international trade center. Here, EMAG can benefit from its close contact with important trading partners in Asia, Europe and Africa. Overall, IFZA offers an ideal environment for EMAG."