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Sara Al Hashimi,

King’s School, Al Barsha, Dubai

Sara Al Hashimi has been a Kings’ student since FS (Foundation Stage). An individual with autism, she paved her way towards a scholarship with the prestigious Berklee College of Music to study a Bachelor in Music - Performance (Voice) in Boston.

She shares her experience of getting such a head start:

“Music and performing are my biggest passions in life and the are something I can definitely see myself doing in the future. I am a pursuing a Berklee BMus degree in Voice Performance because this subject/course is of great interest to me having been associated with music from a very young age. I have recognised that music is all around us, almost like a universal language.

I would want to contribute to a better world by showing people that it is not just science and maths that make and shape the world. Music and performing arts can do that too. And because I am on the autism spectrum, it shows that anyone and everyone can take part in such a field and achieve great things.

Whatever/wherever the journey takes me, I want my career to make a difference in people’s lives.

What’s helped me certainly felt that I was in a safe place where I was confident to be myself and to try new things.

What helped me be picked for the scholarship?

Plenty of practice, my drive/determination/passion towards music, my willingness to work hard and the odds I have overcome to get to where I am today.

My best habits at school: I was in a safe place where I was confident to be myself and to try new things.

There was a combination of people who most helped me learn the value of discipline, commitment, and passion for goals. However, most of this came from my parents and my teachers.

I hope the future will be better than the present. However, I believe in taking everything one day at a time and living in the moment.