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The journey with Westford for any student begins with the end in mind: employability. The classroom discussions and industry interactions are designed with input from the experts to develop students beyond the curriculum. The projects and assignments ensure that the vocational development of the learners is a key priority. Regular interactions and shadowing with successful CEOs and business leaders offer the students an edge over their counterparts in other universities.

The modules offered to the undergraduate students during the first two years of Higher National Diploma with Pearson and the final year with Liverpool John Moores University in the UK are rich in content and experience to launch the students for a promising start in their career. Apart from a BA Hons in Business Management, they are also offered certificate courses on soft skills.

The best advice for every student aspiring for a global qualification would be to choose an appropriate qualification in the UAE that offers them a globally recognised qualification that provides an option to continue their education at a later stage outside the UAE. Westford offers this option and counsels students to not lose the most valuable resource during the pandemic: time.

Westfordians are privileged to pursue courses awarded by the top league universities in the UK and Europe. The current pandemic has opened doors for living local and studying global and Westford has always had a recipe for success in this model. The experience of learning in a campus abroad is replicated in the UAE with enhanced experience with faculty members and curriculums that are global. The UAE is home to a globally diverse demographic with a population representing more than 200 nationalities. With Westford students representing 113 of them really scales up the exposure for the students and at the same time opens up doors to the best of the world’s qualifications.