181215 weather park
As the weather gets pleasant, families are making best of the parks in Dubai like this one at Dubai Creek Park. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: With UAE schools closed for the winter break on December 13, families are looking forward to spending more time together.

The winter break will last from two to four weeks, depending on the curriculum of the school and approval from authorities.

Schools are allowed to shorten or extend breaks by around a week or so, as long as they maintain a minimum number of total school days in one academic year (around 180 days).

This weekend marks the start of the winter break for the 2018/19 school year, whose first term started in September. When classes resume in January 2019, student will start the second term. Indian schools will be starting their third and final term.

Most schools, including public and private schools following the Ministry of Education curriculum, will be closed for a month, reopening on January 13, 2019 (a monthlong holiday). Many other schools are reopening on January 6, 2019 (a three-week holiday).

Parents welcomed the coming of a break after an “action packed” first term, saying it will allow children to rest and enjoy the cooler months with their parents.

“Three weeks off is perfect after an action packed first term of the school year. There have been a lot studies, exams and after-school activities. Children need a break and we parents get to spend good times together. The weather is good and we get to relax,” said Iram Rizvi, an Indian mother of children enrolled at a British school in Dubai.

Nina Chami, a Lebanese mother of children at a French school in Dubai, said the winter break is ideal as it leaves free time on either side of Christmas and New Year.

“I’m happy with a long winter break, it’s no problem for us at all. It’s needed for the children and the families; it gives you more freedom to enjoy the holidays [Christmas and New Year],” Chami said.

Filipina expat Lyzyl Adhikari, whose daughter attends a British school in Dubai, said she would have welcomed more holidays. Her daughter’s school reopens on January 2, 2019 — after a 19-day break.

“The winter break is good because it covers the Christmas season. Even if parents are working, at least the children can enjoy those days. If there were more days in the winter break, I would have welcomed that too,” she added.

Parents and students should check with their school about the exact dates for their winter break.