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What summer courses and activities are you offering this summer that learners in the UAE can access?

We are offering four summer courses for students in the UAE. Our Robotics programme is designed to train students to build a smart bulb that can be controlled by a Google voice assistant. The YoutubePro programme is geared around helping students run their own Youtube channel, while Scratch programming focusses on educating students to design games and applications.

Through interactive lessons offered by renowned chess players, Practically’s course in chess helps learners to improve their strategies. The learning app also boasts encouraging features such as Ipad pro gifts and updated leaderboards.

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Practically, an experiential learning app o ers AI, 3D, augmented and virtual reality content and learning to enhance STEM education for school students Image Credit: Supplied

How will these courses help students update their skills and knowledge before a new term begins in September?

Keeping in mind the global industry trends, the courses are carefully crafted by highly qualifi ed teachers to promote creative thinking and problem solving skills in students, enhancing critical skill sets during the summer break that students will need to thrive in the future job market.

Could you give us an idea on how we can access these courses in the UAE?

Download the Practically app from the Play Store or App Store, and click on the banner on summer workshops to find details on subscriptions. Practically’s courses are suitable for anyone between the fourth and 12th standard and students can access all courses for a payment of Dh99.99. Students can enrol from one to all four programmes and do not have to pay again. As we are launching our courses in the UAE, we have also decided to give three months of a premier package, or our popular learning package. Part of the proceeds will be going towards India’s Covid relief efforts.

As a dynamic self-learning app, how do your courses cater to the wide-ranging interests of learners?

Practically is an immersive and extensive one-stop solution for students, parents, teachers and schools. We build a universal curriculum that gives a comprehensive understanding of STEM topics and caters to all curricula. We’ve been working with GEMS Education and other leading school chains in the UAE since last year. Our aim is to increase the rate of content retention in students to 90 per cent by using technology such as life-like simulations and game engine, as well as augmented reality.

- The writer is an intern with Gulf News