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Springdales School, Dubai provides students with pathways to success as an academic, a young adult and as a global citizen. It follows the CBSE curriculum, which provides a plethora of subject combinations allowing students to pursue the future that they desire.

Where Springdales becomes a really special place is in the relationship space between the student and the teachers. The school recognises and understands that the most influential relationship in education is between the student and the teachers and Springdales is relentless in nurturing teaching and learning excellence.

Springdales School provides a safe risk-free environment where students drive behavioural standards and demand a level of care and cooperation that is rarely seen. This allows its teachers to focus on developing the skills in students that are needed to thrive in the global community. These include skills in leadership, independence, interdependence, altruism, expressing one’s talent, public speaking, authentic listening and academic excellence.

Springdales School offers world-class facilities and technology with the right classroom sizes to support 21st century learners and you need to visit the school to see students immersed in the pleasures of art, music, dance, drama, language and you will also get that indescribable feeling that Springdales is a very special place the moment you walk through the doors.

This happens because when students join Springdales Dubai they become an integral part of its family. This ethos allows the child to explore who they want to become, how they best learn and what works for them.

Springdales School works hard on relationships — between students, between teachers and students, between teachers and parents and between the school and the community.

If you want your child to be well-rounded with all the qualities of a global leader and the ability to think their way through any question, then Springdales School, Dubai is the school for you.