RIT University
RIT University in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

At RIT University in Dubai, we do not plan for the future, we make it. The recent pandemic has proven that the most flexible are the ones who sustain the game and adapt faster to change. As a university, this is what distinguishes us. We use modern technologies such as interactive learning, gamification and innovative learning, which helps us adapt faster to change. Within few days from the pandemic, our online classes were up and running, with our professors imparting lectures, our students delivering presentations, and all our operations going entirely online. This fast response to change is an outcome of the university keeping a pace with the world’s challenges and being adaptable.

Flexibility has allowed us to introduce programmes that adhere to current industrial needs. RIT University in Dubai is the first university in the UAE to design a Master of Professional Studies-Data Analytics in 2018. The programme prepares students to work effectively with complex, real world data to create value out of it; a trending demand identified by major global organizations.

The ever-changing world and the current global situation has put at the forefront the significance of Computing Security, and how to protect organisations against cyber attacks. Once again, RIT University in Dubai was prepared for the change in market demand, and already had degrees that address the contemporary world needs. The university has two programmes of Computing Security both at the bachelor and master levels.

Ultimately, it is an individual’s unique skillset that helps him or her stand out in a crowd. This is what RIT Dubai strives for, as it helps its students to excel. Our hands-on degree programmes expose our students to industry leaders, where they are given opportunities to present themselves and their ideas in career fairs, webinars and competitions. In addition, the global connectivity and study abroad options at various RIT campuses provide chances for students to share their experiences and makes them exposed to diverse cultures.

All in all, RIT University in Dubai is where your future begins.