Genie Kids
Genie Kids is a platform dedicated to nurturing the well-being of children through innovative and evidence-based mindfulness practices Image Credit: Supplied

In an ever-evolving world, where our children's emotional well-being takes priority, the need for tools that equip them to navigate the challenges of life is undeniable. Genie Kids has taken on this crucial role, aiming to brighten the futures of the little ones we hold dear.

At the heart of Genie Kids is a powerful commitment to mindfulness. The platform understands that children's emotional development is just as crucial as their academic growth. Therefore, they've developed an array of expertly crafted mindfulness practices, such as body mapping, emotion dance, sound experiences and more. These practices empower children with the tools to understand and manage their emotions, providing them with a sense of control over their inner worlds.

Genie Kids' mission is clear and resolute: to guide children towards emotional resilience and confidence. Its programs focus on empowering children with the emotional tools necessary for their well-being. The aim is to nurture a generation of emotionally and mentally strong young minds.

In a world where emotional well-being is a top priority, Genie Kids stands out as a beacon of hope. With a dedicated team and a focus on nurturing children's emotional intelligence, Genie Kids offers a transformative approach to mental wellness. Through engaging and creative content, children can grow and thrive, both emotionally and mentally. It's not just a platform; it's a pathway to a brighter, happier, and healthier future for our children. Genie Kids is here to empower children with the essential skills they need for a fulfilling and resilient life journey.

Key spokespersons from Genie Kids discuss the crucial role of mental health in children's development highlighting the tools to navigate uncertainty, cope with anxiety, and build positive relationships.

How does mindfulness affect child development and learning?

Keyuri Vaidya, Co-founder and programme director, answers:

Keyuri Vaidya

Mindfulness centers on being fully present and in tune with oneself, aligning the mind and body. Recent research has highlighted the positive impact of early mindfulness-based interventions for children, notably in enhancing empathy and nurturing self-compassion. It's a valuable tool for child development and learning, improving emotional regulation, attention, and self-awareness, while reducing anxiety and stress. Mindfulness is a superpower that helps kids understand themselves and others, leading to better academic performance. In today's digital world, it's a tool that helps kids find balance in their busy lives and equips them with essential life skills. 

Could you suggest some ways for children to practice mindfulness and manage their thoughts, emotions and actions?

Suhani Shrivastava, co-founder and director operations, answers

Suhani Shrivastava

Mindfulness is like a gym for your mind that needs consistent practice and needs to be visited every day to see progress. It is like any other skill that needs learning. There are plenty of ways to practice mindfulness and some to begin with could be – journaling, body scans, positive affirmations and breathing exercises. 

Stress and anxiety in children often go unrecognized. As parents, how could we enhance their mental health and help them navigate any stressful situation, whether at school or home?

Zarine Dadachanji, Facilitator for sound relaxation sessions, answers

Zarine Dadachanji

This is indeed a critical topic of discussion. A few ways parents can help enhance their children’s mental health and help them navigate stress and anxiety is by maintaining open communication so they can express their worries and fears. Introducing simple breathing exercises to manage stress and reducing screen time to limit exposure to distressing content and replacing it with soothing music like nature’s sounds, chimes, which are readily available online help children relax, unwind and focus. 

How could we instill lifelong love of learning in the formative years?

Keyuri Vaidya, Co-founder and programme director, answers:

In our current era, inclusivity is rightfully at the forefront, which should have always been. As educators, parents, and mental health professionals, it is our shared duty to adapt ourselves with diverse learning styles. This can be achieved through various approaches, including experiential learning, exploration, celebrating the tiniest victories, and building motivation. However, always keeping learning FUN is the key. 

Brief us on Genie Kids, explaining the role it plays in developing emotionally healthy children?

Nitesh Gupta, Founder, answers:

Nitesh Gupta

Genie Kids is a platform dedicated to nurturing the well-being of children through innovative and evidence-based mindfulness practices. Our programs are designed to empower young minds with essential emotional tools, fostering self-love, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence. By combining the expertise of dedicated professionals with a passion for children's holistic well-being, Genie Kids offers a holistic approach to mental wellness. Our mission is to guide children on a journey of self-discovery, emotional growth, and mental thriving, promoting healthier, happier, and more resilient young minds.