Tanay Panjwani

Grade 9, International School of Choueifat

Endings are a crucial part of any film. It defines what you leave the audience with. Here are the movies I would change the ending of.


In my version, during the second act, Keda is found by an enemy tribe. They beat him up and kidnap him. Keda sends his wolf to his tribe, because he knows where they are now, with a message stating where he is. They bring their entire army and it’s a huge battle. In the end, Keda notices while the wolf is fighting fiercely, a tribesman is running towards the wolf from behind. Keda runs towards the wolf and stabs him, sacrificing his life for the wolf. The wolf is sad, the war ends and everyone mourns his death.

Bird Box

In my version, Malorie and the kids reach the school for blind at the end of the second act. The monsters find out about this school where most of the alive population of America is hiding, so they attack there. It’s a huge battle with a lot of human casualties. All the children are taken to a safe place. When the war reaches stalemate, the monster who started all of this comes out. Everyone tries to fight him, but in the end, everyone is down and wounded. As the monster approaches them, all of the kids and a few adults rush to the monster and hit him with sticks, knives, and swords. The kids defeat the monster, then the adults take off their blindfold and realise they can open their eyes. They’re all safe.


In my version, at the beginning of the third act, when Dr. Stone departs with the shuttle, it accelerates at a great speed and starts spinning and turning. She loses control. The shuttle crashes into star with a huge explosion. Dr. Stone gets dragged into something and suddenly everything goes blank. Dr. Stone opens her eyes, she is still in the shuttle, but the shuttle is on Earth, in Nasa US headquarters. As she steps out of the shuttle she sees her daughter, happily running towards. Then, coming out of a training simulator, she sees herself, or another version of herself. The scene ends, in the closing shot the camera zooms out away into space into a black hole, out of it and we see the Earth that she came from.

If I were to create an emoji, it would be...
It would be a green earth, with a lot of trees. This would spread a good message, and promote cleanliness.