Alexander Biner, Director and President of the Board of Directors, Institut Montana Image Credit: Supplied

What uniquely qualifies Institut Montana as an educational institution of choice for prospective UAE students?

At Institut Montana we take the whole experience of education into account to make sure that every student will find their own individual path and thrive. 

Our international school community is highly diverse yet also promotes typically Swiss values, such as a strong work ethic, respect for each other and dedication to achieving excellence.

The combination of small class sizes and individual support fosters a family atmosphere that builds up enthusiasm for learning and motivation to excel. 

Life at Montana is special: our students breathe mountain air, drink our spring water and eat fresh, locally-sourced food that accommodates all dietary restrictions and religious requirements.  

Please share some information about the boarding facilities.

Our school and boarding facilities are built around two former grand hotels acquired in 1926 and 1937. Our campus now holds four residential and school buildings, a gym, fitness rooms, basketball and beach volleyball courts, ice rink and football pitch, as well as multiple tennis courts.

What are the courses offered at Institut Montana?

Students can choose the academic programme that suits their interests and aspirations.

The Bilingual Elementary School for students from age 6-12 (Grades 1-6) offers an immersive bilingual education and comprehensive language support in German and English.

Bilingual Secondary School for students from age 12-14 (Grades 7-8) offers a bilingual education with subjects taught in German or English and prepares for entry into the Swiss Matura or IB diploma.

International School for students from age 12+ (Grades 7-12) offers a Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Programme (Grades 9-10) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (Grades 11-12). 

What are the enrolment procedures for expat students?

The easiest is to contact the school and start a dialogue with the admissions coordinators to guide you through the enrolment process (placement tests etc.). Most important, if possible, would be to visit of the school to gain a personal impression of and feeling for the place. After all, it will be a home away from home for your children in an important phase of their lives. 

It can be beneficial to take the opportunity to get a first-hand impression by visiting the school or by joining the Summer Sessions before applying.

What happens after graduating from Institut Montana?

Our students continue their education in top global universities. However, even after graduating, they remain members of the Montana family. Friendships formed at our school last a lifetime. Their experiences and values bond our alumni across generations.