If I could build a robot
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Ashwanth Krishnamoorthi
Grade 9, The International School of Choueifat, Dubai

Ashwanth Krishnamoorthi
Ashwanth Krishnamoorthi Image Credit: Supplied

If I build a robot, I would want it to keep track of our daily activities because we humans are prone to forgetting things. And robots being who they are are programmed to never forget. So, if for example, you plan to do four to five exercises per day, and are conveniently about to forget about them, a reminder from a robot is what you need. This allows you to finish the tasks on time and also keeps you healthier. It can also measure the number of calories you have to burn during each exercise. This allows you to exercise for the right amount of time as you are conscious of the number of calories you have burnt.

When studying in higher grades, you get to go through really heavy books with a lot of information in them. You have to multitask as well by reading, solving and understanding the lessons and it may well be that you might find it hard to do all the three tasks at the same time. The robot I will make will help me by reading the right book for me at the right time and explaining the content in it. This will allow me to reduce the load on me, making it easier for me to understand the content. Of course, a robot is always error-free, so you can verify your calculations with it and thus improve your own calculations.

One other area where I believe I can make the robot provide effective assistance is in cleaning up the air around us.

In the present day, clean air has become a scarcity. The air outside is largely composed of many polluting gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Pure oxygen has now become a product in the market, with oxygenated water being packaged as a trendy health accessory. The robot I will build will be able to measure the oxygen composition in the outside air using sensors and inform me about the situation outside so I can take the necessary precautions when going out.

The celebrity I would like to have lunch with... His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.