File photo of Emirati students writing their exam at school in Abu Dhabi. Picture for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: ADEK

Dubai: First semester grades of public school students in the UAE will be announced this week, the Emirates Schools Establishment tweeted on Saturday.

Grades for Cycle 3 (secondary school) will be announced on Monday, Cycle 2 (middle school) on Tuesday, and Cycle 3 (primary school) on Wednesday. On each of the three days, the grades will start being announced from 3pm onwards.

Private schools following the Ministry of Education’s curriculum will also receive students’ first semester grades.

Other private schools following international curricula have been releasing first semester grades separately recently. 

The first semester for the current 2021/22 school year started in August 2021 and will end in July 2022.

The second semester started last week after the winter break. There are three semesters in the school year, which has around 188 days.