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At this time of year many families are very busy planning for their child’s return to school. Children at different ages will be experiencing a variety of emotions as they prepare for their return. The ability to cope with these feelings varies, making the transition both exciting and daunting. Some students will view a school as their haven, while others may struggle with anxiety. Whether it’s a child’s first classroom experience or a return after an extended break, here are some essential strategies to ensure a smooth and productive start to the academic year.

1. Foster positivity: Approach the return to school with a positive perspective. Encourage open conversations with your child to address any worries or doubts, providing the reassurance they need. Highlight the enjoyable aspects of school, such as reuniting with friends, engaging in activities, and discovering new knowledge. Nurture optimism and curiosity.

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2. Establish a routine: Gradually transition your child back to the school schedule by reinstating regular and consistent bedtimes. This gradual change fosters a sense of stability that can help alleviate anxiety.

3. Promote independence: Allow your child to take on responsibilities independently, for instance organising their backpack or preparing their lunch. This boosts their confidence and prepares them for the school routine.

4. Ease into learning: Initiate their learning mode by ensuring that your child is engaging in educational activities a few weeks before school begins. Activities like reading books, solving puzzles, or conducting simple science experiments will help stimulate their brains.

5. Embrace back-to-school shopping: Involve your child in choosing their own school equipment and uniform, therefore it becomes a fun event. This sense of involvement fosters anticipation for the new school year and a feeling of ownership linked to their personal preparation.

If your child feels happy and safe, they are then ready to learn.