Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Gulf News, inaugurates Gulf News Edufair Schools and Nurseries along with Aminah Evans, Assistant Principal and Head of Foundation Stage at Hartland International School (left), and Wedad Saada, Director of Ignite School Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

The inaugural edition of Gulf News Edufair Schools & Nurseries got underway on Saturday at Villa Rotana on Sheikh Zayed Road with leading educational institutions from across the country.

Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Gulf News, officially inaugurated the event this morning, accompanied by Wedad Saada, Director of Ignite School, and Aminah Evans, Assistant Principal and Head of Foundation Stage at Hartland International School.

"Year on year, Gulf News Edufair sets new benchmarks, offering an expansive platform that caters to the diverse needs of parents and students in the UAE. While Edufair has been renowned for its successful higher education fairs, our expansion into the realm of schools and nurseries is a testament to our commitment to holistic educational development," said Ahmad.

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"Choosing the right school is a crucial decision for parents as the education landscape in the UAE continues to evolve with new schools emerging yearly. With the abundance of options available, making an informed choice empowers parents to provide their children with the optimal learning experience for growth and achievement. This event is a great opportunity for parents looking for admissions. They can meet with top schools and nurseries, explore and compare curricula, delve into extracurricular activities and pedagogical approaches, and engage with educational seminars. Moreover, parents will have the invaluable opportunity to interact directly with admission officers, facilitating informed decisions and seamless transitions into the educational journey. We at Gulf News are proud of making this event happen,” added Ahmad.

Over two action-filled days, parents have an exceptional opportunity to explore preschool, elementary, primary and secondary education in the UAE. They can engage with admission officers from the country's top schools and benefit from complimentary access to key education thought leaders. Packed with exhibitions, seminars, fireside chats, and counselling sessions, the event is a great opportunity to track the trends shaping the education landscape and make informed decisions about children's schooling.

"Edufair Schools & Nurseries is a welcome brand extension to Gulf News' Edufair portfolio that focused on higher education. We understand that education is the cornerstone of societal progress, and we are committed to providing families with the resources they need to navigate this vital journey effectively. Our aim is to facilitate meaningful connections between families and institutions to nurture tomorrow's leaders,” said David George, Publisher, Gulf News Commercial, the organisers of the event.

Amid ongoing transformation in the world of work, education institutions are continuously adapting to keep up with market trends. With the education sector witnessing dynamic shifts and a surge in schools and curricula in the UAE, parents often find it overwhelming to choose a school that will adequately prepare their child for higher studies and beyond. This is where Edufair steps in, featuring experienced educators, admissions officers, and counsellors to assist families in selecting the right education institution based on their children's interests, preferences and family goals.

“Edufair provides a great opportunity for schools to gain valuable exposure and connect with their target audience. With so many schools in Dubai, it sometimes becomes a bit challenging for smaller education groups, with one or two campuses, to stand out against larger competitors in the market and create the right awareness about our unique education offerings,” said Wedad Saada, Director, Ignite School. “We are happy to connect with other schools and nurseries at Edufair and learn from one another. This will also help us foster partnerships with nurseries and offer children a seamless transition from preschool to primary,” added Saada.

Image Credit: Virandra Saklani/ Gulf News

Aminah Evans, Assistant Principal and Head of Foundation Stage at Hartland International School, was happy to engage with parents at Edufair. "Families can explore different schools, chat with representatives, and find the perfect school for their child that aligns with their family values," she explained. "We aim to show parents how we help children develop lifelong skills, which they can carry into any future career. Ultimately, these foundational skills will serve them well in life."

Edufair conference programme offers valuable strategic insights on education trends through curated sessions and fireside chats. Attendees can expect to hear from the UAE's leading educators and thought leaders, who will engage in impactful discussions on various topics. These include innovation in early education, the advantages of introducing STEM learning in the early years, and preparing high school students for future careers.

Edufair is open until tomorrow at Villa Rotana. Visitors can easily access the venue from Business Bay and Dubai Mall metro stations. Register for free on