Wedad Saada
Wedad Saada, Director, Ignite school Dubai Image Credit: Virendra Saklani | Gulf News

Ignite School Dubai, a renowned educational institution, is set to open five new schools, aiming to provide quality education at affordable prices while embracing UAE and Islamic values. The decision to expand was inspired by the founders' background in education and their commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality education.

The new schools will follow the model set by the existing campus, offering American education delivered by licensed teachers. The schools will focus on creating a safe, fun, and caring environment for students, with state-of-the-art facilities including science labs, makerspaces, and even a Formula One lab.

"We want to ensure that everybody can access quality education at affordable or reasonable prices," says Wedad Saada, Director, Ignite school Dubai. "This commitment to high-quality education is reflected in our unique selling points. All the campuses we plan to open will have the same unique selling points: American licensed teachers delivering American education while valuing and embracing UAE and Islamic values, within a safe, fun, loving, and caring school environment."

Saada was speaking at the inaugural edition of Gulf News Edufair Schools & Nurseries, which is underway at  Villa Rotana on Sheikh Zayed Road with leading educational institutions from across the country. Ignite School is owned by Saudi-based Retaj Investments that has both UAE and Saudi investors.

To maintain consistency and quality across all new schools, Ignite School Dubai has implemented systems for tracking and maintaining standards in education, assessments, well-being, and behavior. These systems will be regularly evaluated to ensure that the schools are meeting their goals.

In addition to academic excellence, the new schools will also focus on developing students' leadership, entrepreneurial, and presentation skills. They will encourage students to think beyond the classroom and become active participants in finding solutions to real-world problems.

"We are keen on ensuring that fees are affordable for parents while maintaining a high quality of education," says Saada. "We believe that an investment in students is an investment in the future. We want students to understand that education has lasting value beyond their school years, extending into college, careers, and life after college. We want to ensure that our students are prepared for the future and that what they learn in school, whether it's knowledge, learning skills, or the application of that knowledge, mirrors what's in the real world."

Community and connection have always been a hallmark of Ignite School Dubai. To maintain this, each school will have its own unique features and themes, but the common thread will be the partnership between parents, teachers, and students. Surveys will be conducted regularly to gather feedback and ensure that the schools are meeting the needs of their communities.

"Our schools embrace diversity as a strength, while diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles of our schools," says Saada. "We are committed to accommodating all types of students, talents, and backgrounds. To ensure consistency in education, we have established our own system for tracking and maintaining consistency. This system also applies to assessments, well-being, and behavior. Our admission policy and other policies will be closely monitored through our CIS systems to ensure there are no gaps or discrepancies. These systems will be reevaluated annually to ensure that what we say is happening is actually realized in our schools."

The expansion of Ignite School Dubai is expected to make a significant contribution to the educational landscape of the UAE, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future.

"Every school in our network will have its own community, unique features, and themes," says Saada. "However, the common thread among all our schools is that we, parents, teachers, and students, work together to ensure a wholesome educational experience. We value every member of our school community, whether they are staff, parents, stakeholders, or community members."

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