Dr Gihan Fradi, Principal, Ignite Schools, Majd Hussain, Principal, American School of Creative Science, Maliha Road, and Jasmit Kang, Principal Glendale Internaltion School, at a panel discussion at Gulf News Edufair Schools & Nurseries Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

Aligning technology with children's learning goals can greatly enhance student engagement and outcomes, panelists at Gulf News Edufair emphasised.

From interactive video presentation and gamified learning resources to AI and VR simulations and personalised learning pathways, technology provides teachers with numerous opportunities to make classes interesting, encourage collaboration, and enhance understanding of complex concepts.

While educators are embracing various ed-tech to provide students with immersive learning experiences, they must also strike a balance between technology use and other traditional teaching methods, such as classroom instruction, hands-on activities, and group work, said educators during a panel discussion titled Wired for learning: Drive student engagement with creative technology.

“Technology shouldn’t take over the entire curriculum,” said Jasmit Kang, Principal at Glendale International School.

"At Glendale, while we upload activities on our learning platform, we also encourage children to write answers and study from books,” said Kang. “Excessive screen time isn't healthy for kids, so we promote using technology in small bursts, rather than relying solely on it for the curriculum.”

Dr Gihan Fradi, Principal of Ignite School, agreed, stating, "Technology is an integral part of learning in our school, but it doesn't overshadow traditional lessons. Educators must monitor how children use technology. While we promote a BYOD policy for students to use their own devices for learning, we ensure strict monitoring. Our firewalls prevent access to social media to maintain a focused learning environment."

Visitors listening to a panel discussion at Gulf News Edufair Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

Majd Hussain, Principal of American School of Creative Science, Maliha Road, highlighted the extensive use of technology at their school to provide diverse learning opportunities. “As an Apple School, our teachers embed the Apple elements of learning throughout all lessons. We use technology to optimise learning, foster student creativity, encourage collaboration, and nurture critical thinking,” said Hussain, adding, “While sometimes it can be challenging, we prioritise striking a balance between technology and teaching. This helps us develop the essential skills for students to succeed in their future careers."

Technology and immersive learning

Using technology judiciously brings numerous benefits. Panelists stressed that avoiding technology could deprive children of a distinctive classroom experience.

Dr. Fradi from Ignite Schools, noted that AI has significantly influenced children recently. "We don't prohibit children from using ChatGPT; instead, we educate them on how to utilise it effectively to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and research skills.”

Technology is a game-changer particularly in classrooms with students with diverse needs and abilities, boosting their involvement and learning. It creates interactive learning experiences that can be part of all school subjects like math, reading, science, and more.

“Technology helps teachers in identifying challenges of students and personalising learning based on their needs and capabilities. They can improvise and create targeted lessons for children assessing their knowledge gaps,” says Kang.

Majd noted that while math, science, and English have seen the most benefits from tech integration, other subjects can also benefit. "We've seen Arabic teachers using technology to make learning more interactive," Majd added. "It's up to teachers to decide how they want to use technology to enrich the classroom experience.”

For teachers to maximise the benefits of educational technology, they need to stay up to date with the latest trends and learn how to use them effectively in the classroom. This helps them engage students better and create a positive learning environment. The key is to align technology with specific learning objectives to create an interactive atmosphere that drives student success, panelists highlighted. 

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