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Coders at the programme in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Since its launch, Coding HQ has earned significant success in harnessing the capabilities of 2,000 talented youth in various programming fields. It has organised more than 3,500 training hours in partnership with major national and international specialised institutions and companies as part of its initiatives to promote investment in technological talents and harness technical skills and capabilities.

Coding HQ strives to sustain new and emerging economic sectors, build the UAE’s new coding leadership and position itself as a global centre for programmers and the digital economy. The programme concentrates on three main objectives: Building the most robust software community in the region, becoming the world’s number one in terms of programmers compared to population and granting programmers the best opportunities.

UAE launched Coding HQ at the Emirates Towers in Dubai, in partnership with more than 40 UAE and international companies, intending to build the most vibrant programming community in the region, become the world’s number one in terms of programmers compared to population and grant programmers the best opportunities.

Aiming to develop talent

Saqr bin Ghalib, director of the Artificial Intelligence Office, UAE, said that Coding HQ has expanded the scope of partnerships, aiming to develop talents and harness software capabilities and skills. Its efforts are directed at enabling programmers and interested people from different segments of society to engage in this vital field, which is a crucial element supporting UAE’s objective to achieve scientific and technological excellence in various areas.

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UAE launched Coding HQ at the Emirates Towers in Dubai, in partnership with more than 40 UAE and international companies. Image Credit: Supplied

Bin Ghalib added that through its various initiatives, Coding HQ will continue to attract talents and minds by launching initiatives and projects to promote the government’s leadership in programming and advanced technology. He further highlighted that Coding HQ has been able to reach hundreds of programmers and talented people in no time and has started to work with them to develop their capabilities in the programming field and involve them in coding challenges, enabling them to contribute to the creation of solutions to many difficulties in various areas.

Coding HQ hosted several international personalities and motivational speakers. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has shared his expertise in establishing the company and developing Apple PCs before a group of school students., the co-founder of Beats, a leading audio brand, was also hosted. He shared his personal experience in developing wearable technology and emphasised the importance of Coding HQ in empowering the programming community and transforming the best programming practices into the unique talent.

Emirates NBD, a partner at Coding HQ, held workshops in AI and Robotic Process Automation to help solve realistic programming challenges using different tools and coding languages. In addition, these workshops promoted the use of data science and programming tools in the private sector that benefits from big data and its analysis.

Microsoft held a training workshop for programmers on developing and downloading AI models on the Microsoft Azure cloud, which facilitates downloading them and increases learning efficiency.

Design and development software

Emirates airline, another partner at Coding HQ, held a workshop to train programmers on the Node.js coding framework, which employs the skills of JavaScript programmers in the design and development of various sites and software. Oracle, a partner at Coding HQ, has also trained programmers on the fundamentals of cloud computing, one of the leading technological tools in the labour market used by companies to securely store their information and data.

The first Hackathon was launched in collaboration with G42, a partner of Coding HQ. It was attended by students from the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and programmers studying at other universities. Participants worked on solving mathematical problems related to calculating the impacts of space orbits on spacecraft.

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Google held three meetings through its programming community, in which it discussed the pillars of several technologies, such as Kubernetes that significantly facilitate machine learning and AI, with 100 programmers from the UAE. As a result, programmers were practically trained to use Google cloud to develop and download AI algorithms.