Karim Seghir, Chancellor, Ajman University Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman University (AU) has become one of the first six higher education institutions in the world to receive global accreditation from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the UK’s independent body and a global leader in quality assurance for higher education.

The global accreditation, launched in November last year, is awarded to institutions that have passed the QAA’s rigorous International Quality Review (IQR), an independent peer review measuring global institutions against the 10 standards of the internationally respected European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) criteria.

Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor, said Ajman University is now part of an elite group of global institutions to hold this prestigious status.

“In addition to being one of the first six in the world to hold QAA global accreditation, we are one of only three universities in the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and among the first few in the UAE.

Ajman Lead
Ajman University Image Credit: Supplied

“By securing global accreditation with QAA, institutions can clearly spotlight their quality standards internationally,” he added. “They can more easily open dialogue with institutions outside their domestic market.”

Douglas Blackstock, Chief Executive, QAA, said this is a fantastic achievement for Ajman University, demonstrating that they operate at the highest level of quality assurance.

“Successful institutions rely on collaboration and benchmarking, and that’s exactly what IQR provides — allowing international institutions to measure their own quality assurance against European quality standards,” Blackstock explained, adding, “It also allows international institutions to demonstrate and improve their effectiveness, improve public perception and promote themselves in partnerships with the UK and European institutions.”

Find more details about the International Quality Review and global accreditation at QAA.ac.uk

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