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An average person lies about 1.65 times a day. Most of these lies tend to be small ones we all deploy from time to time.

As there are different kinds of personalities, there are an assortment of lies, namely: White lies, broken promises, fabrication, bold faced deceits, exaggeration, plagiarism and compulsive lying.

Understanding lying and deceit provides an insight into human nature. By analysing its features, we obtain an understanding of our consciousness.

All children are born honest, it’s maintaining that honesty that is the problem.

Consider a small child, yet to distinguish right from wrong. But place one in a harsh environment and give the other a cushy life and you would get two very different personalities.

Raising a child to maintain honesty is a tough and tedious endeavour. It is essential to develop a connection with the child and minimise fear, while ensuring that the child is not left guessing for the reason of his punishment. Most children learn to lie for a reason. For example, he/she might have done so to escape a lecture, or to extend a curfew. If a child avoids or lies about a topic consistently, enquire about it from the school and teachers.

The saying goes that heroes are born, not made. But practically, all personalities are made through time, not inherited. We are moulded by society’s hands until we solidify and harden at adulthood. So when scrutinising personalities, remember that shaping of personalities is complicated and unpredictable.

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