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Dubai: With the school summer vacation nearing the end, now is the time to scroll through the #DubaiDestinations summer guide to put a finishing touch to the long break. Gulf News highlights numerous attractions in the emirate:

The Green Planet

If you haven’t been to the Green Planet in Dubai, now’s your big chance to know more about the place. The destination is where you are immersed in a rain-forest experience with animals walking around you and birds flying over you.

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The Green Planet Image Credit: WAM

This unique experience is set against a backdrop of the tropical rainforest with over 3,000 plants and animals — right in the heart of Dubai. Your ticket gives you full access to the Creatures of the Night and a Flooded Rainforest. There’s more to explore.

Roll dxb

Do you enjoy roller skating? Then this the destination for you before summer is out. From roller disco nights, skate jams, event rentals, school trips, birthday parties, it’s skating all the way. There is a unique space here for everything creative, social artsy and fun. There are daily roller disco sessions as well for children, adults along with themed events.

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Play Dxb 

This is where you can enjoy indoor thrills. Located at The Dubai Mall, Play Dxb is a family entertainment concept with state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) attractions, rides, softplay, video games and Roller coaster. Entry is free — rate for each experience starts from Dh15. There’s an on-site cafe, whenever you need to put a pause on play.

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Curiosity Lab Dubai

Children who participate in Curiosity Lab get to become the scientists of the future. Here, they have the opportunity to experiment, engage, and satisfy their curiosity.

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Through engaging experiments and clever presentations, children are guided by teachers who share their scientific interest and believe in the value of education as they discover the world around them. Science is taught in all its wonder. The Just Play Sports Complex in Al Quoz is the location where Curiosity Lab holds its lessons.

Deep Dive Dubai

Are you an adventurous swimmer. Do you dive in deep waters? Then go to Deep Dive Dubai to enjoy a distinctive underwater world that is full of wonder and adventure for both novices and experts. The deepest pool in the world offers exhilarating diving opportunities. It has a 60-meter depth that sets records.

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There are scuba and freediving options at Deep Dive Dubai. It will take several dives to fully explore this breathtaking underwater attraction, which is styled to mimic an abandoned sunken city and is inspired by the UAE’s illustrious history of pearl diving.

Ski Dubai

Do you long to ski or miss skiing? Did you know that Dubai has a ski slope that is open all year long? A 22,500-square-meter indoor ski area can be found at Ski Dubai. Throughout the entire year, the park is kept between 1 and 2 degrees Celsius. The activities at Ski Dubai include skiing, snowboarding, seeing penguins, zip lining, and chairlift rides. There are five slopes available for folks to enjoy and explore.

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IMG World

Those who seek some adrenaline rush can head down to Dubai’s mega themed entertainment destination — the IMG World. It has six epic adventure zones in one location. Two represent renowned global brands Marvel and Cartoon Network, while IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, Haunted Hotel and IMG Kids Zone are all original concepts created by the brand itself. IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s temperature controlled indoor entertainment destination, covering an area in excess of 1.5 million square feet. Don’t miss this fun before the summer ends.

IMG World
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Dubai Aquarium

Go to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo if you enjoy the sea and aquatic life. Over 140 different species of water creatures live there in their hundreds. The 10-million-liter tank is home to around 400 sharks and rays, including Giant Groupers, Sand Tiger Sharks, and many other marine species.

Dubai Aquarium
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Atlantis The Palm

The Aquafun Waterpark Beach, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dolphin Bay, and The Boardwalk Kids Club/Gaming Room/Library Access are just a few of the major attractions that are included in the Atlantis The Palm. Here, there is a lot to do.

Atlantis The Palm
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This renowned luxury hotel offers endless entertainment with its world-class culinary options, exclusive aquarium experiences, and impressive architectural achievements. Over 1,500 rooms, special suites, and “super suites,” including coveted underwater accommodations, are available at the enormous resort, which covers several acres.

Mountain Extreme

This summer try a new experience. Try rock climbing in the largest climbing wall of Dubai. It’s climbing academy even has courses to teach children from age 4 to 18 years on how to climb in a safe manner whilst having fun.

Mountain Extreme
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