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Priya Indru Mani (third from left) during an event at the Indian consulate in Dubai to solve her problems and appreciate those who helped her

Dubai: The Consulate General of India in Dubai has successfully facilitated assistance for a 55-year-old Indian woman who had been living in a car for four years due to financial problems.

Priya Indru Mani’s hardships began in 2017 when her mother suffered a stroke, leaving her paralysed. As the primary caregiver, Mani’s business encountered challenges, which resulted in her inability to pay rent for her villa in Desert Springs Village, Barsha Heights, Dubai. Consequently, she and her mother were evicted, forced to live in a hotel, and eventually, in Mani’s car.

Negotiating a settlement

Determined to seek help, Mani contacted the Indian Consulate, which promptly took action on her case by coordinating with her former villa’s landlord to negotiate a settlement for the outstanding rent. During Ramadan, several individuals came forward to settle her remaining debts, including an outstanding balance with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

Waivers and contributions

The landlord waived a significant portion of the outstanding dues. Jasbir Bassi, MD of Car Fare Group, contributed Dh50,000 for rental and around Dh30,000 towards DEWA charges. Owing to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved and the coordination by the Consulate, Mani received the financial relief. She expressed gratitude to those who assisted her during this period and shared her enthusiasm for starting a new chapter in life.

The Consulate extends its appreciation to Vinay Chaudhary, Aneesh Vijayan, and Jasbir Bassi for their compassionate support in resolving Mani’s situation. The unity and generosity demonstrated during her time of need exemplify the strong bonds within the Indian community in the UAE, the Consulate added.