Dubai Customs officials making a presentation of its strategies to a delegation from the Global Excellence Council. Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Dubai Customs has made improvements in its iDeclare app which effectively allow travellers to disclose their belongings even before they come into the country.

This was revealed by top Dubai Customs officials while making a presentation of its strategies to a delegation from the Global Excellence Council as part of the agenda of the Dubai Forum for Government Best Practices. The forum is a leading knowledge-sharing platform for government officials and lies at the centre of the Dubai Government Excellence (DGE) programme, which was established 25 years ago to elevate the performance of the government of Dubai by drawing on international best practices.

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs, CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, said, “We have made improvements to the smart iDeclare app, which allows travelers to disclose their belongings before coming to the country, and in a few minutes. Dubai Customs is working to enhance the Authorised Economic Operator programme, which grants benefits to members that support trade facilitation.”

He said: “We are happy we are an important part in Dubai’s pivotal role in global trade and tourism. We regularly meet with our clients to learn more about their needs, aspirations and suggestions. We have developed the Cross Border e-Commerce Platform, the first of its kind in the region, which aims to boost regional e-commerce activities and encourage online firms establish their headquarters in the emirate.”

The delegation praised Dubai Customs’ modern approach and world-class services, which resulted in obtaining 91.8 per cent on the Dubai Government Customer Happiness Index 2021, announced by the DGE. The council commended Dubai Customs strategic plan 2021-2026, which is founded on five pillars (Agile, Innovative, Digital, Disruptive, and Visionary).

The Global Excellence Council aims to define and promote a culture of excellence to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of organizations across the globe. The first initiative of its kind, the council works to conduct joint events and activities in the field of quality and performance excellence in cooperation with international partners. It also highlights international best practices in the management of quality and excellence accreditation, evaluate the most effective management practices, consolidate the foundations and principles of excellence, and stimulate the adoption of excellence models.

Musabih noted that Dubai Customs’ advanced systems and innovating smart customs services has become a model for professional customs work. The World Customs Organisation and various customs authorities commended the role played by Dubai Customs in enhancing the resilience of supply chains by providing services based on advanced technologies and artificial intelligence.

He pointed out that the Government Department’s investment in technology directly contributed to the completion of nearly 97 per cent of customs transactions online through smart systems, and that was culminated in winning the DGE’s Elite Award. Dubai Customs’ mark at the programme increased from 433 to 650 in 2021.

In the meeting, Dubai Customs presented the digital transformation strategy and proactive work model, service performance monitoring system and government integration system. The Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department reviewed Dubai Customs’ plan for the coming years in accordance with its mission to protect society and promote sustainable economic development through commitment, facilitation and innovation.

The Client Happiness Department presented the comprehensive improvement methodology that the department followed to improve the happiness of its clients, which included many initiatives.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation, in the presence of the Director General of Dubai Customs, and Ahmed Abdul Salam Kazim, Director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department, planted the native Sidr tree. Native trees, including Sidr, have made a welcome reappearance across the UAE in recent years. Government legislation encourages the use of native and drought-tolerant species.