Dubai: A tourist in UK received a surprise visit by officers from Dubai Police in her home country as they went to return her Rolex watch which she forgot it in her hotel nine months ago during her visit to Dubai.

Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Bin Safwan, director of Lost and Found section at Dubai Police, said the British woman forgot her golden Rolex watch worth around Dh100,000, a hotel room and travelled back to her country about nine months ago.

“She didn’t inform us about the forgotten the watch but a cleaner in the hotel found the watch and handed it over to his manager who contacted Dubai Police,” Lt Col Bin Safwan said.

The woman was happy when officers contacted her and promised to come and collect the watch.

“She was sad when she discovered it was lost and couldn’t believe that we had found it. She didn’t come though and we couldn’t find a cargo company to send it to her because it was an expensive watch and most companies refused to take responsibility to send it through cargo,” he added.

Dubai Police kept the watch with them for nine months and were so close to sell it in an auction until an officer who was part of a delegation went to UK and handed over the watch to the tourist.

Brigadier Saeed Bin Sulaiman, director of Al Rashidiya police station was part of a delegation by Dubai Police to visit her country and carried the watch to the woman.

“She was surprised when an officer from Dubai Police delivered the watch to her,” Lt Col Bin Safwan said.

Dubai Police said they are always keen to deliver the lost and found items to their owners even if they are outside the country by using cargo companies or calling the owners to come and collect their goods.