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Dubai police's initiative to waive fines for safe drivers aim at reducing traffic accidents on the busy Dubai roads (file photo) Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: From this month, motorists in Dubai can benefit from the 50 per cent discount on their accumulated traffic fines under a special Dubai Police initiative, Gulf News has learnt.

Dubai police implemented the second phase of the traffic fine discount initiative which was launched on February 6 this year.

A total of 457,154 drivers benefited earlier from the 25 per cent discount on their accumulated traffic fines under the initiative which aims to encourage motorists to come clean of their offences.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein
Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein said the initiative to offer discounts on traffic fines will be presented to the council to decide on whether it is to be adopted nationally. Image Credit: Supplied

Under the initiative, motorists who do not commit traffic offences for three months (counted from February 6) benefit from a 25 per cent discount, while motorists who do not commit traffic offences for six months (counted from February 6) get a 50 per cent discount on their accumulated traffic fines. Motorists who do not commit traffic offences for nine months, however, will get a possible 75 per cent discount and motorists who do not commit a traffic offence for one year will enjoy a 100 per cent discount on their accumulated fines.

The second phase has been implemented automatically in August this year, on Dubai police smart application and website.


people have benifitted from discounts in paying traffic fines in Dubai

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, director of Security Media Department in Dubai Police said that many drivers showed huge interest in the initiative and police answered their questions regarding the initiative.

“Many people showed interest in the initiative. We answered their enquiries on how to benefit from it and how to renew their vehicles without paying the fines,” Colonel Al Qasim said.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim

“It is a successful strategy by Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai police in enhancing the partnership with the public and know their opinions to provide best services to them and spread happiness.”

Earlier in May, Dubai police said that the initiative helped reduce traffic accidents from 48,247 during the first three months of 2018 to 43,947 during the same period this year.

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Register your car without paying traffic fines

Drivers can register their cars during the initiative without paying their Dubai traffic fines. Dubai police confirmed that drivers can wait to pay their fines in order to enjoy the initiative.

However, they need to pay their fines issued in other emirates. The 100 per cent discount applies to all vehicles registered in Dubai, on the condition that a driver abides by traffic laws and regulations and does not commit any violations for a full calendar year starting February 6.

Parking and Salik fines, however, are not included in the initiative, he said, as they are not traffic offences.The discount will apply to the seizure of vehicles and traffic points too.

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